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Airbnb has even changed the way we honeymoon : Here’s why!

When I asked our relatives/friends about their thoughts on travelling to Perth for our honeymoon, the general perception was that Perth was a boring place, very typically family friendly and not really honeymoon material.  Why not consider Maldives? or even bali for the matter.

Visit a hotel that will prepare a beautiful bed with rose petals scattered across Its sheets with a little ‘congratulations on your honeymoon’ welcome card on the study desk with a complimentary bottle of wine?

You walk to the brochure rack near the exit to check out the many activities that are available nearby as a neatly groomed doorman smiles and nods with his hand holding onto the polished bar of the full length glass door , waiting to open it for you.

Does this sound familiar in any way to you? It should.

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10 signs for guys that she’s the one


Guys, at some point , you’re going to ask yourself this question be it for a girlfriend or a life partner.  If you’re using this checklist for a girlfriend , congratulations because you sir are a true gentleman planning ahead and already taking into consideration ‘Is she the one?’

After careful consideration, I’ve concluded that this checklist doesn’t just exist for one party but rather for both of you , to be answered on her behalf:)

now before we start, I just want you all to know that I’m about to get married soon in about 6 months and I popped the question last year after 9 years of courtship. We’ve been living and working together 24/7 for the past 2 years  so trust me when I say this checklist is quite essential.  This also is pretty much the same checklist I used and now, I’m going to share it with you 🙂

1) You get along with each other


This is a slap in the face kind of point because if you don’t get along with each other ,then how the hell did you end up with each other in the first place?  some kind of weird sex thingy where you hate each others guts for love?

anyhoo, you need to get along with each other well because getting along are the basic blocks for a healthy relationship be it living together or working together  You need to be able to live comfortably and not want to break a vase over your head just to feel something after each and every ‘does this dress make my butt look fat?’ conversation

2) You agree to disagree


Being a good life partner doesn’t mean bending over for each other all the time (if you know what i mean) but instead each party should have their own voice and agree to disagree in the best interest of both of you.

Sometimes you bend over all the way back but don’t feel good about it afterwards because your only objective was to end the fight as soon as possible.

This leads to a lot of heavy heartache at night and one day, you’re gonna explode.  you should be able to express your views comfortable and at the same time posses the grace & humility to apologize and make amends. After all, 90% of all fights happen because of simply, the ‘wrong tone’   -wink!-

3) Time & distance is never a factor


This title speaks for itself. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. After 9 years I openly (&rather bashfully admit), I can’t spend a single night alone without missing Sarah (my fiance) and No , she did not make me type that with a gun to my head.  If she travels without me,, I try to  stock up on a lot of ice cream cos that can be a pretty shitty feeling for me.

4)  You can survive a crisis together (loving this picture btw)

Think back on all the boring times in class or when you were in a board meeting and time passed so slowly that all you could think about was, what were you going to do in a zombie apocalypse or how were you going to save that hijacked plane?  well.. yes , all guys seem to do that for some reason.

But try picturing her there and then with you. Do you guys make a good team? can you trust her to get your back or follow your lead as you lead both of yourselves out of danger?  or are the roles reversed?

The only plausible outcome is that you both make it out alive. Anything else and you need to rethink your strategy. back to daydreaming you!

5) You can defend & protect her


Whether physically or intellectually. A man must be able to defend his woman. Sadly not just from external factors but from the biggest demon itself.  you.

control your deadly inner demons , Pride, anger, gluttony. sloth, envy, greed and lust.  They will make you the man you don’t want to be and if you can’t defend her against yourself then well, you can’t defend & protect her anywhere else can’t you?

6) Money is something you worry about 

couple-money-jars-1209-mdnIf you worry about money. Good! because if you don’t then you have a serious financial problem. The day you stop worrying about money is the day where you have too much.

You have so much that you don’t know how to spend it and chances are , are squandering away the money you should be having for your golden years together. Worry about money together and pray. Things always work out for the best. Trust me 😉

7) You’ve got the parents thingy all covered


In laws can get things in quite a pickle if you’re unlucky. (watch ‘meet-the-parents’ yet?)  I’m thankful I’ve got good future in-laws who are kind to me and I’m sure my fiance feels the same way but general rule of the thumb is ‘Take care of your own parents’

Mums and Dads do have a nasty little habit of speaking their mind a little too openly than required before passing the quality check department and what could be possibly a a simple question can be easily interpreted as something that came out of a satanic bible. That’s if you don’t know your in-laws well enough.

8) She gets along well with your family and friends


Its fine to have the occasional squabble with a family member or a friend but red flags and alarm bells should start hay-wiring all over the place if nearly everyone she meets wants to knock her over the head with a steel pipe.

Your family raised you from birth and no one would know you better than your own parents and siblings. If they sit you down and say that there’s going to be a problem. The least you can do is shut up, stop defending her for just a second and find out why.

9) She has unquestionable character and virtue


This would be why you fell in love with her in the first place. Every son would want to marry a woman who shares the same virtue and spirit as his own mother as she was his first role model and provider.

She has the character and virtues worthy of a mother and you don’t see anyone fitter than her to educate and instill her kindness and gentle nature into your future children.   You know you can count on her on guiding you when a tough decision has to be made.

10) The thought of marrying her doesn’t give you cold feet


Fuck all that shit you watch in sitcoms about how men are throwing away their youth and don’t want to get tied down.  If you for a second think that you can do better , then i’m sorry my friend but its time for you to eat some humble pie.

If you think about it, there are so many other men out there who can probably take care of her or do better than you, but yet, she chose you.


I can’t wait to begin my life’s journey.

Can you ? 🙂