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Chicken Soup For The Soul

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing in for awhile now. Its not that life has become too dull (cue music to play a long droopy trombone noise)  if that was the first thought on your mind. I’m also not going to use the age old excuse that went extinct alongside the T-rex that just couldn’t quite clap, that I was too busy.

I’m just going to say sorry because well life has just been too EXCITING lately.

The other day, Sarah & I had a really big fight in the early morning about believe it or not, The iron (I swore I can hear 70 year old Charles chuckling away from his steel chrome wheelchair) . Thing is, since I started working. It somehow became rather new to the both of us that wearing nothing but our underwear to work  may be a potential cause of alarm of most employers. Thus the need to actually have nicely pressed shirts to wear to the office.

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Priorities Over Options

If the phrase “Don’t make someone a priority when you are only their option” does not sound familiar to you, then you know what they say? Ignorance is indeed bliss.

I must apologize as its been too long since I’ve last written in.  The world is changing with so much content being pushed around all over cyberspace and even for me , I find myself constantly guilty of absorbing this content rather intently and more often than I should not , letting it cloud my thoughts and voice and forget about my own individual insights. Simply speaking, its easy to lose yourself in transition.

Like the above example, I find the irony real and applicable to this little excerpt from of my life’s little milestone’s right now. A lot has changed in the last 8 months since I’ve gotten married. Suddenly the water bills, the housing loans and conservancy bills , the electricity bills, taxes, groceries, you name it,  it all  became more real at an alarming pace.

We were getting by but it was still a challenge to budget carefully and the thought or consideration of having a child was completely out the window.

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Why you should give time to your parents before its too late

My father passed away on the 30th of October 2014 in a foreign land by a sudden heart attack. [ I will be sharing the eulogy speech I wrote and delivered at his funeral at the end of this post]

By the time I found out about his death, he was already lying in the mortuary awaiting my arrival in Thailand to identity and claim his body.

I rarely spent time with my father due to the awkward nature that we weren’t living together growing up as a teenager. He moved mountains to make time for me but sadly ,my job, my parties, my hobbies and even gatherings with friends  and whatever not seemed more important at the time.

By the time i actually started settling down and appreciating his presence in my life , there just wasn’t enough time.

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10 fond memories of growing up in an all boy’s school in the 90s


I spent the best years of my childhood running around in the infamous short green shorts with painful metal shirt buttons that pressed into your tits and your shoulders alongside other notable clowns like Joakim gomez, Tay ping hui, Lee hsien loong and my BFF, Paul twohill.

If you’re thinking, ehh green shorts? metal buttons?  and guessed Catholic High, well..  you’ve guessed right! haha!

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