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10 family-friendly dogs to bring home

Sarah and I finally have our place and top of the list (on my list that is) was to get us a small little dog because I’m a huge dog lover. Also recently with the slipped disc problems that leave me almost 65% immobile to the point that it’s almost impossible to wear my pants myself. I was reduced to a pathetic state.

However, I found that my mood & general well-being improved drastically when my mother-in-law left her 2 doggies with me for a couple of days to cheer me up.  Both Sarah and I grew up with dogs playing an integral part of our childhood. we learnt so much from them without speaking and they listened to us without judgement.

So I decided for everyone’s benefit, I’m going to list out what would be my top 10 choices of dog breeds that are child/family friendly  for you to consider!

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