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Chicken Soup For The Soul

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing in for awhile now. Its not that life has become too dull (cue music to play a long droopy trombone noise)  if that was the first thought on your mind. I’m also not going to use the age old excuse that went extinct alongside the T-rex that just couldn’t quite clap, that I was too busy.

I’m just going to say sorry because well life has just been too EXCITING lately.

The other day, Sarah & I had a really big fight in the early morning about believe it or not, The iron (I swore I can hear 70 year old Charles chuckling away from his steel chrome wheelchair) . Thing is, since I started working. It somehow became rather new to the both of us that wearing nothing but our underwear to work  may be a potential cause of alarm of most employers. Thus the need to actually have nicely pressed shirts to wear to the office.

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Airbnb has even changed the way we honeymoon : Here’s why!

When I asked our relatives/friends about their thoughts on travelling to Perth for our honeymoon, the general perception was that Perth was a boring place, very typically family friendly and not really honeymoon material.  Why not consider Maldives? or even bali for the matter.

Visit a hotel that will prepare a beautiful bed with rose petals scattered across Its sheets with a little ‘congratulations on your honeymoon’ welcome card on the study desk with a complimentary bottle of wine?

You walk to the brochure rack near the exit to check out the many activities that are available nearby as a neatly groomed doorman smiles and nods with his hand holding onto the polished bar of the full length glass door , waiting to open it for you.

Does this sound familiar in any way to you? It should.

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