Read this before you jump on the uber bandwagon

So recently, I had a smart idea.  If I wanted to have a car to drive around gallivanting or just make a little for myself to cover for the petrol/parking etc, a really smart way of doing that was to sign up as a uber driver.

you’d hear a lot of positive things about driving uber. like how easy it is to make at least $1000 to $2000 a week just by driving people around on YOUR flexible schedule.  The best part is , you only need to be 25 years old with a valid driver’s license to do that.

BOY was I wrong. 

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My supernatural experience: Haunted Hotel


Part of my job requires travel to various parts of china for purchase or to visit factories. Its fun travelling and especially to china where everyone looks like someone you know here, but yet you fear for the safety of your wallet indefinitely.

Nevertheless, we soldiered on through the terrors and do our work fearlessly

but at the end of the working day when our regular hotel was overbooked and we wanted to save the company some money by staying la’economica! (BTW,that could be the title of my murder-mystery autobiography) haha, we booked a cheaper and older hotel.  insert starting scary sounds here


Now be warned, this is a scary story and its true as hell. It happened to me, and it might happen to you as well!

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Rural Krabi with AIRBNB

For most of us, Krabi is a familiar place where we love to lose ourselves in a perfect beach holiday. Rocking out the old paperback novel with a pina colada while enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

However, It’s filled with the same old usual things like, island hopping, tuk tuks, cheap massages, food, water-sports and what not. Its predictable but we do it anyway because it’s not just affordable, It’s really the only way we know how to relax. The trouble is, over recent years, Krabi , much like Phuket and Pattaya has began to see a steady growth of tourism which leads to the main attractions being more commercialized and not as affordable as say maybe 10 to 15 years ago.

So the thing about my constant love for using Airbnb to travel is how easy it is to live like a local there and I spared no expense in searching for the perfect listing that would take me away from the hustle and bustle of the heavy tourist areas but yet close enough to give me the option to explore it if I should choose to.


and if you know me, you’d know that I have a knack for picking out really kick ass Airbnb listings.  So when I first laid eyes on this listing, I immediately fell in love.  It was located just 30 minutes away from the airport but yet still located in the mountainous area of Krabi where the air was constantly cool ( maybe it was due to the haze? lol)

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Save yourself from spinal/back surgery

This post goes out to all you people who are suffering from insane back aches/know people who are in pain from having slipped discs/back problems/lower back pain. I know the discomfort you’re going through and how much it interferes with your life, trust me , I do.

I never ever thought that this would ever happen to me cos I’m only 26 years old but it did one fine day and it changed my life progressively for a good 6 months.

Over the last 6 months. I’ve seen at least 5  different doctors , 3 different chiropractors, went for sports massages, physiotherapy, tried swimming, watched countless of YouTube videos for slipped disc stretches and exercises and even a Chinese sinseh but with each passing day my conditioned worsened.


I was left with the final option of going for surgery for my lower back which itself carries plenty of surgical risks as well as the fact that it doesn’t cure my disc problems, it just cuts off the protruding disc and that leaves me with whatever that is left which will affect me in old age.

So today, I’m really happy to be able to share with you the good news that after looking around for so long. I’ve found out that there’s a way to fix my back. Not just patch through surgery but by using a machine that stretches the vertebrates in my back to allow the disc & nutrients to gradually slip back into place. Thus  healing it completely WITHOUT surgery.

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