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Whats really in my Reebonz bag?


Everyone’s talking about it. Singapore’s celebrating 50 years of independence and omg we’ve come SO FAR as a nation and la dee da deee dah.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m patriotic as shit and love my country and all, the people, the houses we live in,  the lawsuits, and even our outspoken youth. Everything that makes us so stupidly unique reassures me that this is definitely the place where I would be proud to raise my children. Where I can tell my future son/daughter that there’s really,

no place like home 

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Airbnb X Charles : Escape to Bali

So when I heard that I was going to spend almost a month in Penang filming for a new channel8 drama and being away from Sarah, I decided that I desperately needed one good getaway before I leave.

I’ve seen so many people travel to Bali and even though it’s so close-by to Singapore , what amazes me about this beautiful island is how each individual experience can differ so much even though they’re all equally awesome

I decided that our escape was going to be on this beautiful island for 3 nights and what better way than to do so with Airbnb. So I grabbed Sarah’s younger sister Rachel and her boyfriend, pengfong, and told them to pack their bags cos we’re going to escape to Bali!

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My First Christmas in our new home


Clearly knocking down the bedroom 3 in our home was a great idea. Sure it has its cons as well but I was pretty stoked when I saw with my own eyes the beauty of bonding when there is space and comfort for our family to move around and mingle.

So this christmas , We hosted Sarah’s side of the family over in our new home, most of these guys are pretty elderly and I was a little concerned about them not having enough fun.

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IKEA says sorry and gives me a spankingly beautiful new kitchen

After contractors from IKEA referred to my kitchen as a shit job, [Click to read]  to which I wrote a step by step account on my entire shopping experience purchasing a kitchen from IKEA where I shared everything from pricing , waiting times and of course dishing some dirt on the IKEA tampines main kitchen installation contractors, my best friend Li Daifeng from ARTBUILD.

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