Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts

5 Things You Never Knew About Actors

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Penang on my first day of filming for a new drama for mediacorp after a day that would do Murphy’s law so proud .

This is the 2nd Drama I’ve been in and although i’m not a very accomplished actor, I realized that in the short span of approximately 8 months since I started filming tv drams. I’ve picked so many interesting character traits and observations about this profession which i thought i’d share with you guys today.

So far filming with clicknetwork has been nothing short of awesome, every shoot is great fun cos we pretty much get to be ourselves on camera. But opening myself up to actually acting? playing different characters is an entirely new experience to me and I’m still very much new and learning on the job as I go along.

Unfortunately as I’ve learnt today, that is not a luxury that I have down here . So here it is folks, 5 things you never knew about actors!

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I’m 25 and here’s why I still sleep with the lights on.

So after my ghostly experience with the Clicknetwork team and the Singapore Paranormal investigators in a really creepy old abandoned building that captured some evidence.  A lot of people have been asking me to share some of my experiences with the supernatural .

I kept a detailed journal of my dreams in the morning when I wake up and sometimes, some of my scariest nightmares are recalled and written down lest i forgot them as I get nightmares quite often

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My First Christmas in our new home


Clearly knocking down the bedroom 3 in our home was a great idea. Sure it has its cons as well but I was pretty stoked when I saw with my own eyes the beauty of bonding when there is space and comfort for our family to move around and mingle.

So this christmas , We hosted Sarah’s side of the family over in our new home, most of these guys are pretty elderly and I was a little concerned about them not having enough fun.

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IKEA says sorry and gives me a spankingly beautiful new kitchen

After contractors from IKEA referred to my kitchen as a shit job, [Click to read]  to which I wrote a step by step account on my entire shopping experience purchasing a kitchen from IKEA where I shared everything from pricing , waiting times and of course dishing some dirt on the IKEA tampines main kitchen installation contractors, my best friend Li Daifeng from ARTBUILD.

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