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10 family-friendly dogs to bring home

Sarah and I finally have our place and top of the list (on my list that is) was to get us a small little dog because I’m a huge dog lover. Also recently with the slipped disc problems that leave me almost 65% immobile to the point that it’s almost impossible to wear my pants myself. I was reduced to a pathetic state.

However, I found that my mood & general well-being improved drastically when my mother-in-law left her 2 doggies with me for a couple of days to cheer me up.  Both Sarah and I grew up with dogs playing an integral part of our childhood. we learnt so much from them without speaking and they listened to us without judgement.

So I decided for everyone’s benefit, I’m going to list out what would be my top 10 choices of dog breeds that are child/family friendly  for you to consider!

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Why you should give time to your parents before its too late

My father passed away on the 30th of October 2014 in a foreign land by a sudden heart attack. [ I will be sharing the eulogy speech I wrote and delivered at his funeral at the end of this post]

By the time I found out about his death, he was already lying in the mortuary awaiting my arrival in Thailand to identity and claim his body.

I rarely spent time with my father due to the awkward nature that we weren’t living together growing up as a teenager. He moved mountains to make time for me but sadly ,my job, my parties, my hobbies and even gatherings with friends  and whatever not seemed more important at the time.

By the time i actually started settling down and appreciating his presence in my life , there just wasn’t enough time.

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IKEA referred to my kitchen as a SHIT job and here’s why you should avoid getting your kitchen there AT ALL COSTS.


IKEA prides itself on providing designer kitchens at affordable pricing but there’s the lowdown on all the shit you probably didn’t know about IKEA and the way its kitchen sales are being operated here in Singapore and I’m here to help you save a truckload of heartache , money and possibly a lot of pain . This is going to be a long rant guys so go grab a drink and get comfy.


When we collected our keys , Sarah and I were so excited to see everything get up to speed on our first home together. We don’t have a lot of money and Sarah has major trust issues with interior designers and contractors so we both decided that to the best of our abilities, we’d DIY everything ourselves.

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10 fond memories of growing up in an all boy’s school in the 90s


I spent the best years of my childhood running around in the infamous short green shorts with painful metal shirt buttons that pressed into your tits and your shoulders alongside other notable clowns like Joakim gomez, Tay ping hui, Lee hsien loong and my BFF, Paul twohill.

If you’re thinking, ehh green shorts? metal buttons?  and guessed Catholic High, well..  you’ve guessed right! haha!

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