Save yourself from spinal/back surgery

This post goes out to all you people who are suffering from insane back aches/know people who are in pain from having slipped discs/back problems/lower back pain. I know the discomfort you’re going through and how much it interferes with your life, trust me , I do.

I never ever thought that this would ever happen to me cos I’m only 26 years old but it did one fine day and it changed my life progressively for a good 6 months.

Over the last 6 months. I’ve seen at least 5  different doctors , 3 different chiropractors, went for sports massages, physiotherapy, tried swimming, watched countless of YouTube videos for slipped disc stretches and exercises and even a Chinese sinseh but with each passing day my conditioned worsened.


I was left with the final option of going for surgery for my lower back which itself carries plenty of surgical risks as well as the fact that it doesn’t cure my disc problems, it just cuts off the protruding disc and that leaves me with whatever that is left which will affect me in old age.

So today, I’m really happy to be able to share with you the good news that after looking around for so long. I’ve found out that there’s a way to fix my back. Not just patch through surgery but by using a machine that stretches the vertebrates in my back to allow the disc & nutrients to gradually slip back into place. Thus  healing it completely WITHOUT surgery.

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10 family-friendly dogs to bring home

Sarah and I finally have our place and top of the list (on my list that is) was to get us a small little dog because I’m a huge dog lover. Also recently with the slipped disc problems that leave me almost 65% immobile to the point that it’s almost impossible to wear my pants myself. I was reduced to a pathetic state.

However, I found that my mood & general well-being improved drastically when my mother-in-law left her 2 doggies with me for a couple of days to cheer me up.  Both Sarah and I grew up with dogs playing an integral part of our childhood. we learnt so much from them without speaking and they listened to us without judgement.

So I decided for everyone’s benefit, I’m going to list out what would be my top 10 choices of dog breeds that are child/family friendly  for you to consider!

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