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Airbnb through Europe (Amsterdam)


When Sarah & myself got married a year ago, we pretty much blew our nearly non-existent savings on our wedding and home renovations which came around during the same period. We consider ourselves very blessed that we somehow managed to get the money together to even have a honeymoon in perth.

One of Sarah’s wishes before we settle down or even consider starting a family was that she wanted to see the world and so the first thing I did after a little bit of research was book 2 tickets to europe on a 12 month 0% interest credit card installment plan (We paid about $2.3k for return tickets on SQ, 2 pax which works out to roughly $191 a month) 

And cos we’re very fond of living as closely to a local setting of the each country we visit as possible, we know that there isn’t a better way than to Airbnb our way through. Not only is it cheaper than staying in most commercialzed hotels, I also get to live in an actual local apartment, do laundry, cook ,and even do work. Most importantly, I am always very well taken care of by my host.

In this particular case, I truly believe that I was fortunate enough to live in one of the best Airbnb’s ever apartments which belonged to a superhost name florian.

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How I motivate myself every single damn day

You got to admit, working in Singapore can be pretty rough.

We’re already THE country whose workers work the longest number of hours in the world as reported Nanyang Siang Pau on a study by Taiwan’s China Times newspaper. – See more at:

Goverment initiatives that promote healthy work-life balances are often ignored by management and who so dares to open thy mouth to even breathe out the words ‘worrrkkk-lifeeee balanceeee lahhhh’  could potentially be perceived as being lazy or wanting to skive off by using ‘work-life balance’ to get off the hook.


That being said, its been almost 7 months since I’ve started working as an Account manager in ESN ASIA, a newly created position in a company where I got my first real full time job about 6 years ago as an Events Executive.

I guess I never really opened up much about what I used to do before I started writing or doing anything media related but I did exactly what my title said I did.

I managed events and somewhere down the line, got pretty good at it surprisingly. In fact, I would daresay to a certain extent I naturally excelled at it because I found a way to motivate myself every single damn day not just to get through the day but also to love what I do.

My title now may say Account Manager but over the last almost 7 months, I’ve been wearing so many different hats to work. I wear the salesman hat when I go for pitches, I wear the workmen safety hat when I go down to for set ups or fix shit. Devil’s horns when I deliver bad news, halos when its good news, and even the HR hat when I need to arrange interviews with myself asking, how could I possibly be such an irresponsible fool for forgetting to iron the back of my shirt to work.

Jokes aside, there’s a few short ways how I do it every single damn day. In order.



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Happy Valentine’s day Sarah!

Hi everyone!  I hope this valentine’s day celebration for you was as awesome  and everything more than what you had hoped it’d be 🙂 If you are reading this now curled up in bed or nodding off in front of your room’s PC then you’re just like me, getting ready to go to work and face the monday blues. However if you are still partyin’ up the lovin’ hard , go get em’ tiger!

So Sarah and I had a great day out today and spent our time mostly just talking .. and speaking with each other for hours. Nothing special, no big bang but nevertheless one of the most overlooked moments that every couple should spend time doing.

Anyway sarah! to honour you this valentine’s day. I compiled a list of things you’ve said/nagged at me for the past year or so since we moved in together and got married 🙂

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


happy valentine’s day y’all!

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Priorities Over Options

If the phrase “Don’t make someone a priority when you are only their option” does not sound familiar to you, then you know what they say? Ignorance is indeed bliss.

I must apologize as its been too long since I’ve last written in.  The world is changing with so much content being pushed around all over cyberspace and even for me , I find myself constantly guilty of absorbing this content rather intently and more often than I should not , letting it cloud my thoughts and voice and forget about my own individual insights. Simply speaking, its easy to lose yourself in transition.

Like the above example, I find the irony real and applicable to this little excerpt from of my life’s little milestone’s right now. A lot has changed in the last 8 months since I’ve gotten married. Suddenly the water bills, the housing loans and conservancy bills , the electricity bills, taxes, groceries, you name it,  it all  became more real at an alarming pace.

We were getting by but it was still a challenge to budget carefully and the thought or consideration of having a child was completely out the window.

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Rural Krabi with AIRBNB

For most of us, Krabi is a familiar place where we love to lose ourselves in a perfect beach holiday. Rocking out the old paperback novel with a pina colada while enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

However, It’s filled with the same old usual things like, island hopping, tuk tuks, cheap massages, food, water-sports and what not. Its predictable but we do it anyway because it’s not just affordable, It’s really the only way we know how to relax. The trouble is, over recent years, Krabi , much like Phuket and Pattaya has began to see a steady growth of tourism which leads to the main attractions being more commercialized and not as affordable as say maybe 10 to 15 years ago.

So the thing about my constant love for using Airbnb to travel is how easy it is to live like a local there and I spared no expense in searching for the perfect listing that would take me away from the hustle and bustle of the heavy tourist areas but yet close enough to give me the option to explore it if I should choose to.


and if you know me, you’d know that I have a knack for picking out really kick ass Airbnb listings.  So when I first laid eyes on this listing, I immediately fell in love.  It was located just 30 minutes away from the airport but yet still located in the mountainous area of Krabi where the air was constantly cool ( maybe it was due to the haze? lol)

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