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I’m 25 and here’s why I still sleep with the lights on.

So after my ghostly experience with the Clicknetwork team and the Singapore Paranormal investigators in a really creepy old abandoned building that captured some evidence.  A lot of people have been asking me to share some of my experiences with the supernatural .

I kept a detailed journal of my dreams in the morning when I wake up and sometimes, some of my scariest nightmares are recalled and written down lest i forgot them as I get nightmares quite often

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HDB Key Collection day and scare-the-shit-outta-yourself-finding-out-if-ghosts-exist-day

Helloooo everyone ! Am so so so so so so sorry for the terribly long hiatus I’ve taken from blogging cos life has been a freaking whirlwind since the about 3 weeks ago when Sarah and I FINALLY got the keys to our BTO house which we waited for about 3 and a half years for.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to run through and share with you our amazing experiences so far so buckle up!

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The Fate of my Weight : Progress update!

At age 24, I’m supposed to be at the prime of my life. Im supposed to be able to have the energy and strength to do all the activities I want to do because I can and posses the physical capability to. Unfortunately, I let myself sin daily in one of the 7 deadly sins over and over again. Gluttony.

That resulted in me ballooning up to approximately 120 kg, otherwise known as a fat emotional wreck.   I started working out and trying to eat healthy and was sweating it out for about 6 to 7 months before dropping 8-10kg.

It was a very stressful journey for me because I just could not hit below 110KG no matter how hard I tried and it was getting increasingly difficult mentally to tell myself that I can do it. I was tired, my work was piling up and I needed to find a solution that could help me fit my exercise regime into my already super tight schedule.

Now just to let you know, I was really hesitant and a little shy about posting these pictures here but for the sake of the topic , here goes! This is Charles at approximately 120 KG where even squatting down for about a minute became a very hard task to do








Pictures taken approximately in OCT 2013 , how did Sarah agree to marry me like that I really don’t know

Thank God Cecilia from Bodytec took the time to explain and got through with me the positive effects of electric muscle simulation that achieves in 20 minutes,  what  training from a traditional 4.5 hour gym session does after looking at basically how scared and self-conscious i was during filming of the bodytec episode with clicknetwork. She asked if I was keen to give bodytec a go and was confident of its results in my weight loss. Without a second’s hesitation, I agreed!

clicknetwork charles2

Which turned from fat me in just ONE month,

2014-04-02 10.16.312014-04-02 10.16.33












NOT SO FAT me  hahah!  still fat la but still trying to shed those pounds!


More Pictures !

Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam
Aside from that, I also dropped from an  L size suit to an M size suit! which makes my workouts a lot more comfortable as opposed to me worrying if the suit would just burst open during filming

thigh size20140512_123834

SO as promised, I am going to share with you a little more in-depth on the things I did in
the last 30 days which helped me greatly not just in
dropping weight but gaining so muscles as well.

1) Body Tec Training Frequency

I go for bodytec training sessions twice weekly. In each minute workout, I do seemingly easy workouts but once that sonofabitch electricity touches you , even lifting thin air becomes a herculean task. Here are some examples of workouts I do during bodytec training

  • Standing Crunches ,  10 -15 reps
  • Bicep Curls (lifting practically nothing)
  • Lunges, 4 reps per impulse, , approx. 8 impulses switch sides
  • Elbow to knee crunches, 5 reps per impulse , approx. 8 impulses, switch sides
  • Chest presses , hold at position for 1 full impulse, approx. 8 impulses.
  • Triceps lift with resistance bands, 5 reps per impulse, approx. 8 impulses

Doesn’t sound that difficult right?  Of course there are different variations for each different person depending on their fitness but hey , If I could do it, so can you! Also , if time permits, my personal trainer sets me on a further 10-20 minute metabolism programme to help ease the worked out muscles and increase the body’s natural metabolism which works wonders because I can feel the heat surging through my body the entire day

2) Eating Habits

I keep telling myself that I don’t have to go full retard and totally stop eating cos that would literally drive me insane considering how much I love food. However, Its important that you come to terms with yourself that it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.


I realized that soft drinks do not quench my thirst and convinced myself that its stupid to pay $1.50/Can for something that makes me thirsty a short while later and I’d have to ‘pay the price’ for drinking that in the gym later.

Fun Fact  you can order ‘ Ice Ko-song’  at almost all coffee shops which is ice water and it costs only 30cents.   So soft drinks, no no!  coffee/tea on shitty days where you really need one , indulge and live a little.


There are so many articles on healthy cooking and healthy eating. So I’m not going to go into that. All I can say is , be prepared to spend a little bit more than usual for a healthy wholesome meal from the supermarket.

It’s common to spend $4-$6 on a piece of fish/chicken breast  but good news is that you can eat almost guilt free knowing that , as you cooked it yourself, there are no unhealthy crap that hawker centers put on it to make the food more tasty.  Salt and pepper in moderation is all you need. Be friends with your oven because they make the best food while you multi task with other things.  During the last 30 days. All I ate was :


  • Self-Boiled Tomato Vegetable Soup  (some Cabbage diet sarah made for me)
  • Chicken (seasoned with salt & pepper & baked )
  • Salmon, Codfish , Threadfin (seasoned with salt & pepper & baked )
  • Nestum (for breakfast)
  • Whey Protein (for workouts)
  • Eggs ( usually fried on a non-stick pan sunny side up)

Hawker Center

  • Fish Soup
  • Bee-hoon noodle soup


Girlfriend’s /Friend’s houses

  • You pack your own food and claim that you went for a medical check up so you can only eat doctor-prescribed packed food.


3) Other Exercises

  • I usually go for at least one 20-30 minute run of at least 2.4km once or twice a week . I have a knee injury so that’s the max I can go before I start limping around
  • Partake in at least one leisure activity at least once a week ( for me, it was cycling and badminton)  If you have a bicycle, use it to run your errands and challenge yourself to go faster and complete it quicker each time (cycle out to the supermarket to get groceries etc)

NOW that being said & done,  in every weight loss journey there are countless of lazy moments when you just don’t feel empowered to do anything.  Therefore, there is one more important factor to consider when wanting to drop those pounds!  a KICK ASS personal trainer.

one exceptionally cool thing about bodytec is that when you sign up, you are signing up for a 1-1 personal training class that cost a fraction of what you would pay for in conventional gyms island-wide and my main personal trainer is none other than SOUL! who is responsible for whipping the fat out of me !

soul bodytec updates

her cheerful disposition yet firm workout makes each bodytec session truly an enjoyable one, so give her a call! ! and in just one month,  well , you have the results right here! 🙂   no Photoshop , no lipo, nothing!

Workouts are conducted with a maximum of 2 clients only per session so its perfect for bringing your buddy along! Call them to arrange for a trial session at just $20 and i GUARANTEE you’d FEEL the result within a day.  and if you like it, and think you want to start that journey to a healthier fitter you, then  Rates start from just $50 a session only!

in case you’re worried about location as well, bodytec has outlets in Turf City, Stanley Street and East coast to cater to residents island wide!:) for more information , you can visit their website at:

Watcha waiting for?  🙂

Processed with VSCOcam


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Ahboystomen: The Musical (Gala Performance)/ My first red-carpet experience!

Hands down this had to be one of the most memorable nights of my entire LIFE, at least until December when I get married then by default that night would surely super-cede this event.  or would it ? 😛
Sarah spent the about 2 hours excitedly getting ready while I was rushing to reply emails cos she was hogging the toilet  and if you go to any social event where there’s alcohol with mr.paul twohill  you really wouldn’t know what ditch would you end up waking up in . So its definately safer to make sure all emails are replied to and work is somewhat cleared up.
I’ve personally seen both ahboystomen movies and being a huge fan of musicals, I was so excited when Gillian (da boss of Clicknetworktv) told me about it and asked if I was keen on going I was estatic! 🙂
 So after reaching  the venue and hanging around for a abit with paul , Fee & Sarah, Paul and I were quickly ushered onto the red carpet to which I was totally unprepared what to say. There were so many cameras everywhere and all that was going through my mind was ‘ damn, I think I need to pee like right now”
Allan and Jacqueline from fly entertainment looked drop dead fantastic and i THANK GOD Paul was standing next to Allan cos If it were me the contrast would be too much already haha!
Without further Ado , here are some of the awesome pictures we managed to take that night!: )

IMG-20140423-WA0016  IMG-20140423-WA0021IMG-20140423-WA0018

Great to have a picture with Elim chew, owner of popular youth retail chain ‘ 77th Street! ‘  when I was a small boy, I was part of a small youth group run by the people’s association to allow kids to have healthy and active social bonding activities (sports/music/games you name it) .
Most of the kids there had ‘issues’ and It was one of the many places I found solace in growing up.  Sometime in 2002, Elim actually took about 10 of us kids  out to her outlets and let us pick out whatever we wanted as long we promised we’d be good kids (I was 13 then) Its been 12 years since then and I still remembered this charitable act by Elim.  Elim , If you get to read this,  I just want you to know how much I appreciated it back then when I didn’t have much stuff to wear.
IMG-20140423-WA0034 IMG-20140423-WA0029Before the musical started , I had to fight very very hard not to eat any of the tasty delicious MOUTH WATERING food that were being served.  Here’s picture proof  I resisted the hokkien Mee!  hahaha
   Here’s a man that needs no introduction! IMG-20140423-WA0024IMG-20140424-WA0002
The girls looked amazing and Paul just had to spoil it
IMG-20140426-WA0007 IMG-20140426-WA0005
Maxi , It was really really great seeing you ! You’ve come such a long way from KOTC and martial arts days when everything was just about kicking ass. very happy to see that you’re still kicking ass but in way better and more awesome ways:)










With 2 beautiful girls in the picture esp one of them being with my fav Vanessa.V there was just no room for me! sob sob


Overall you could really see see the effort and the training these guys went through just to give us a great show. On behalf of Sarah & myself , I ask you to go get tickets and catch this awesome musical. ESPECIALLY if you are in BMT right now trust me, it will help give you a very positive outlook on your BMT experience:) CHEERS! Thank you again Clicknetwork & Fly entertainment for the wonderful invites! 🙂