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Rural Krabi with AIRBNB

For most of us, Krabi is a familiar place where we love to lose ourselves in a perfect beach holiday. Rocking out the old paperback novel with a pina colada while enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

However, It’s filled with the same old usual things like, island hopping, tuk tuks, cheap massages, food, water-sports and what not. Its predictable but we do it anyway because it’s not just affordable, It’s really the only way we know how to relax. The trouble is, over recent years, Krabi , much like Phuket and Pattaya has began to see a steady growth of tourism which leads to the main attractions being more commercialized and not as affordable as say maybe 10 to 15 years ago.

So the thing about my constant love for using Airbnb to travel is how easy it is to live like a local there and I spared no expense in searching for the perfect listing that would take me away from the hustle and bustle of the heavy tourist areas but yet close enough to give me the option to explore it if I should choose to.


and if you know me, you’d know that I have a knack for picking out really kick ass Airbnb listings.  So when I first laid eyes on this listing, I immediately fell in love.  It was located just 30 minutes away from the airport but yet still located in the mountainous area of Krabi where the air was constantly cool ( maybe it was due to the haze? lol)

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Whats really in my Reebonz bag?


Everyone’s talking about it. Singapore’s celebrating 50 years of independence and omg we’ve come SO FAR as a nation and la dee da deee dah.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m patriotic as shit and love my country and all, the people, the houses we live in,  the lawsuits, and even our outspoken youth. Everything that makes us so stupidly unique reassures me that this is definitely the place where I would be proud to raise my children. Where I can tell my future son/daughter that there’s really,

no place like home 

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Airbnb has even changed the way we honeymoon : Here’s why!

When I asked our relatives/friends about their thoughts on travelling to Perth for our honeymoon, the general perception was that Perth was a boring place, very typically family friendly and not really honeymoon material.  Why not consider Maldives? or even bali for the matter.

Visit a hotel that will prepare a beautiful bed with rose petals scattered across Its sheets with a little ‘congratulations on your honeymoon’ welcome card on the study desk with a complimentary bottle of wine?

You walk to the brochure rack near the exit to check out the many activities that are available nearby as a neatly groomed doorman smiles and nods with his hand holding onto the polished bar of the full length glass door , waiting to open it for you.

Does this sound familiar in any way to you? It should.

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Airbnb X Charles : Escape to Bali

So when I heard that I was going to spend almost a month in Penang filming for a new channel8 drama and being away from Sarah, I decided that I desperately needed one good getaway before I leave.

I’ve seen so many people travel to Bali and even though it’s so close-by to Singapore , what amazes me about this beautiful island is how each individual experience can differ so much even though they’re all equally awesome

I decided that our escape was going to be on this beautiful island for 3 nights and what better way than to do so with Airbnb. So I grabbed Sarah’s younger sister Rachel and her boyfriend, pengfong, and told them to pack their bags cos we’re going to escape to Bali!

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