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Airbnb through Europe (Amsterdam)


When Sarah & myself got married a year ago, we pretty much blew our nearly non-existent savings on our wedding and home renovations which came around during the same period. We consider ourselves very blessed that we somehow managed to get the money together to even have a honeymoon in perth.

One of Sarah’s wishes before we settle down or even consider starting a family was that she wanted to see the world and so the first thing I did after a little bit of research was book 2 tickets to europe on a 12 month 0% interest credit card installment plan (We paid about $2.3k for return tickets on SQ, 2 pax which works out to roughly $191 a month) 

And cos we’re very fond of living as closely to a local setting of the each country we visit as possible, we know that there isn’t a better way than to Airbnb our way through. Not only is it cheaper than staying in most commercialzed hotels, I also get to live in an actual local apartment, do laundry, cook ,and even do work. Most importantly, I am always very well taken care of by my host.

In this particular case, I truly believe that I was fortunate enough to live in one of the best Airbnb’s ever apartments which belonged to a superhost name florian.

florian picture


I’m hitting myself over the head right now for not taking a picture with him because to be honest when I first saw this picture I was like,

‘Uh-uh, that guy, is super hot. Yes, he most definitely stole that picture from a stock photo website or something. Talk about insecurity issues’

and when florian greeted us, my jaw just dropped to the floor cos hotdamn.

PS : Sarah was suspiciously very  silent during our introductory conversation.

We shared a cigarette together on the rooftop and as we chatted away for a moment , I had such a clear understanding on his personality and just how much of it went into his apartment. His indoor plants, the cooking herbs and even his stockpile of organic food. I was inspired to be like him and it began from the moment I set my eyes and heart on his beautiful apartment which I will let the pictures do the talking for.

DSC_8443 new

and when you wake up on a rainy cold morning and your window just gives .. The feels 


and every little detail just seemed to stand out.




DSC_9341Processed with VSCO with f2 preset DSC_9296-2


In amsterdam, there are less motorcycles than bicycles and more bicycles than cars. I was very lucky to be able to capture this cute little shot of them all.  Ah who am I kidding, Its that woman’s hair that caught my eye (although my friend leraine was like ‘You should totally take her picture”)

Backstory: we met up with my childhood friend leraine, who has since relocated to amsterdam with her gorgeous dutch oven fresh cutie pie of a boyfriend and went about the town


Leraine and Johan also took us to see the windmill village. Needless to say, many pictures are in order and I’d let them do the talking for now.


The view from leraine and johan’s apartment, interesting heehee!

DSC_9191 DSC_9144 DSC_9134 DSC_9207


Till then, Goodbye Amsterdam!
up next, london!