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How I motivate myself every single damn day

You got to admit, working in Singapore can be pretty rough.

We’re already THE country whose workers work the longest number of hours in the world as reported Nanyang Siang Pau on a study by Taiwan’s China Times newspaper. – See more at:

Goverment initiatives that promote healthy work-life balances are often ignored by management and who so dares to open thy mouth to even breathe out the words ‘worrrkkk-lifeeee balanceeee lahhhh’  could potentially be perceived as being lazy or wanting to skive off by using ‘work-life balance’ to get off the hook.


That being said, its been almost 7 months since I’ve started working as an Account manager in ESN ASIA, a newly created position in a company where I got my first real full time job about 6 years ago as an Events Executive.

I guess I never really opened up much about what I used to do before I started writing or doing anything media related but I did exactly what my title said I did.

I managed events and somewhere down the line, got pretty good at it surprisingly. In fact, I would daresay to a certain extent I naturally excelled at it because I found a way to motivate myself every single damn day not just to get through the day but also to love what I do.

My title now may say Account Manager but over the last almost 7 months, I’ve been wearing so many different hats to work. I wear the salesman hat when I go for pitches, I wear the workmen safety hat when I go down to for set ups or fix shit. Devil’s horns when I deliver bad news, halos when its good news, and even the HR hat when I need to arrange interviews with myself asking, how could I possibly be such an irresponsible fool for forgetting to iron the back of my shirt to work.

Jokes aside, there’s a few short ways how I do it every single damn day. In order.



1. Wake up and look out the window

Please take into consideration that I would typically prefer to pee first as the bladder’s always pretty full in the early morn’ . But, once you’re done, take a moment to look out the window and know deep down inside your heart that you are not alone. Look at the many lighted windows, the cars moving off to work, the people crossing the street and the women with wet hair half-drying as they rush to work and remind yourself:

‘You’re not alone’ 


2. Chicken soup for the soul. .

Music is food for the soul and no one in their right mind will disagree that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day so don’t skimp on it.

Invest in a pair of headphones that is good enough for you to close your eyes and imagine the singer right in front of you.  Create at least 3 different positive playlists specially for your morning commute which you can alternate between days depending on your mood.

Just to share, my morning commute playlists on spotify are:

Mellow mornings – by spotify 

Good freaking morning -my own playlist

Productive mornings- by spotify 


3. Rules of third 

3 is such a beautiful number. In photography, photographers constantly use the ‘rule of thirds’ in their photo compositions when they want the subject matter of their photograph to be more visually appealing and outstanding to the viewer. Retrospectively, 3 is the golden number I’d like to use by understanding that its the first 3 hours of the day from the moment you wake up till the moment you get to work, that decides what kind of day you want to have while the last 3 hours of your work day that determine what kind of morning will you wake up to tomorrow.

I use this time in the morning when I get in to work to calm my mind and prioritize my work and again remind myself that I’m not alone. I’ve got my colleagues with me and we’re going to get at least one awesome thing done today no matter what.


4. Speak literature then swear like a sailor

Invest time and effort into effective communication. Speak with your heart and never be afraid to speak the truth no matter how much it hurts. Birds of the same feathers flock together and when that happens, get together with a couple of drinks and start swearing like sailors because there’s a huge possibility of best friendships forming once there’s a possibility of sharing a jail cell together after a couple of rowdy drinks.


5. Have secret comfort moments.

the last way for today that I motivate myself on a daily damn basis is to have a secret item at work which  is unrelated to anything in your working environment and no one should know about. (note: leave the toys at home) It could be a plant from your bedroom, a special comb given by a loved one, your best friend’s zippo lighter etc. The more inconspicuous it is the better cos then no one would suspect that is your ‘secret’ comfort.

Whenever you feel you need a quick break or get away from the madness but can’t afford the time, all you have to do is have your comfort item within reach and let yourself go to the memory of it for just a little while. It may not be much but trust me, when things seem bleak, small little shit like that goes a long way.


That being said guys, sorry I haven’t been writing in for some time, there’s so much on my mind but so little time. Will update soon so stay tuned and stay happy!


Much love,


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