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Happy Valentine’s day Sarah!

Hi everyone!  I hope this valentine’s day celebration for you was as awesome  and everything more than what you had hoped it’d be 🙂 If you are reading this now curled up in bed or nodding off in front of your room’s PC then you’re just like me, getting ready to go to work and face the monday blues. However if you are still partyin’ up the lovin’ hard , go get em’ tiger!

So Sarah and I had a great day out today and spent our time mostly just talking .. and speaking with each other for hours. Nothing special, no big bang but nevertheless one of the most overlooked moments that every couple should spend time doing.

Anyway sarah! to honour you this valentine’s day. I compiled a list of things you’ve said/nagged at me for the past year or so since we moved in together and got married 🙂

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happy valentine’s day y’all!

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