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10 family-friendly dogs to bring home

Sarah and I finally have our place and top of the list (on my list that is) was to get us a small little dog because I’m a huge dog lover. Also recently with the slipped disc problems that leave me almost 65% immobile to the point that it’s almost impossible to wear my pants myself. I was reduced to a pathetic state.

However, I found that my mood & general well-being improved drastically when my mother-in-law left her 2 doggies with me for a couple of days to cheer me up.  Both Sarah and I grew up with dogs playing an integral part of our childhood. we learnt so much from them without speaking and they listened to us without judgement.

So I decided for everyone’s benefit, I’m going to list out what would be my top 10 choices of dog breeds that are child/family friendly  for you to consider!


1.The Golden Retriever 

#1 The Golden Retrieve

Living up to their name, you can expect a lot of retrieving from these guys, so expect many a good game of fetch. the Golden Retriever is a certain, smart, kind, and faithful puppy. Neither forceful nor meek, the Brilliant Retriever is to a great degree tolerant, which is ideal for children. While it does require a great deal of activity, its affection for play makes this a simple thing to achieve.


Also, the golden retriever is a highly intelligent breed which allows them to fill up several important social roles including being a service dog for the blind and the aid of hospital staff and relief efforts . While it is not HDB-approved here in Singapore , It does not deter some families who are willing to invest time and energy to bring them on daily walks and exercise. (plus they have very good neighbours)


2. The Poodle [HDB approved]

#2 Poodle

Frequently given rather inquisitive hair styles by their owners, the Poodle is an extremely smart and delicate dog. It’s additionally incredible for children with allergies, as it sheds practically nothing.  However poodles are prone to minor health issues that though not extremely serious but can require some extended care. For example the most common of the minor health issues are ear infections.

Poodles are also popular because they are highly intelligent dogs and do extremely well responding to obedience training and various dog sports.  It may be interesting to know that even though this dog has been widely stereotyped as a ‘Paris Hilton’ bimbo kind of dog, it was once upon a time in 1942, enlisted officially as a war dog for the american army during ww2.

For me , It’s a little small for my liking as there is a huge possibility that I may step on it by accident, and leave me with a lifetime of guilt.  nonetheless for you more light-footed folks, this might be the dog for you!




#3 Bulldog

The Bulldog has a tough form that is ideal for children who like to roughhouse. In any case, it won’t win any awards for “most enthusiastic dog.” A docile, inviting, and faithful canine, it coexists well with different pets as well. The Bulldog is open & can adapt to large or smaller spaces.

Bulldogs originally were used to compete in a bloody sport called bull-baiting and also to drive cattle to market. Today, they’re gentle companions who love kids. While they are medium-sized dogs, they are not HDB approved.   If you want something else that looks a little similar you can consider getting a Pug(HDB approved)


4.The Beagle

#4 Beagle

While your beagle in all likelihood won’t have a fowl named Woodstock as his closest companion, you can, definitely, name him (or her) Snoopy. Initially kept as chasing dogs, Beagles fit well in homes with energetic children.  Brilliant, neighborly, and upbeat, the Beagle generally gets along with different pets as well (aside from a touch of pursuing here and there due to its curious nature). On the other hand, they do shed, and require regular brushing and showering.

This is my all-time favourite dog and if we do get one, we’re going to name him, UNDERDOG, haha.  Sadly, this dog is not HDB approved.  which to me is fucking ridiculous.



5.The Newfoundland

#5 The Newfoundland

Nicknamed “Nature’s Sitter”,  the Newfoundland pooch cherishes kids and is exceptionally defensive of them. Tender, kind, and patient, this breed is practically like the Mother Teresa of dogs. Both the youthful and old will rapidly find this magnificently sweet puppy endearing to no end.  The Newfoundland best suits a family with vast open spaces. Also, in spite of the fact that it is known not to shed excessively, it is not viewed as a legitimate canine for the yard.

The Newfoundland is additionally an extraordinary swimmer and has been known to save lives in crisis circumstances.

Needless to say, it’s too big for a HDB flat.


6.Yorkshire Terrier [HDB approved]

#6 Yorkshire Terrer

Small in size however huge in personality, the Yorkshire Terrier makes a feisty but loving companion.

the “Yorkie” has gained many enthusiasts with his devotion to his owners, his fashionable seems, and his suitability to apartment living.If you want a “Yorkie” who Is small, quality-boned, elegant, easy to hold, and would not take in much space.Sheds very gently (one of the great breeds for hypersensitive reaction sufferers) and yes, you have to see the trend by now that only small dogs are hdb-approved.


7.Jack Russell Terrier [HDB approved]


Advanced in England a few two hundred years in the past to seek foxes, the Jack Russell Terrier, additionally known as the Parson Russell Terrier, is an active and clever little dog.

He is charming and affectionate, however he’s also a handful to teach and manage and are best left for experienced dog owners.

The Jack Russell could make a first-rate family puppy, and receives along properly with properly behaved kids. One of the Jack Russell’s maximum sudden characteristics is a type and gentle nature. He is also normally friendly with small children and are super-duper hyperactive. So if you have hyperactive kids, getting a JRT might be a good option to keep them so entertained that your kids fall fast asleep at night out of pure exhaustion 🙂


8. Labrador Retriever 

#8 Labrador Retriever

That is one of the famous canine breeds, and for desirable reasons too — the Labrador Retriever is playful, patient, loving, defensive, and reliable. In fact, its sweet character and intelligence is simplest matched by its splendor. What does this suggest for you? A perfect family pet.

Much similar to the golden retriever , they can also be trained and are commonly used as therapy dogs, and perform screening and detection work for law enforcement agencies because of their sheer intelligence.


9. Dachshunds [HDB approved]

#9 Dachshunds

Commonly known as ‘sausage dogs’  Dachshunds are often stored in pairs, considering that they appear to apprehend and prefer being with other “wiener puppies”.

They’re typically good with other circle of relatives pets, too although they may be jealous once they want attention and that they can be possessive of their toys. You might want to be cautious and firm at any primary signs of jealousy or possessiveness so that these do not grow to be bad habits.

Nevertheless it’s an amazingly cute dog and you can expect a lot of therapy just by watching those short little legs run while playing fetch.


10.Boston Terrier [HDB approved]

#10 Boston Terrier

This little gentleman makes any condominium or apartment look right. However you’ll ought to keep a watch out on him – occasionally, he may be too clever for his own good and that can result in problems. (Apparently its common for Boston terriers to boss other dogs 3 times their size around lol)

This breed tends to maintain its barks to itself, so you be mentally prepared to receive complaints from neighbours about the noise (especially when you aren’t home) . As this dog’s physical strength is quite mild, so a walk a day with the little guy will suffice.

However in your presence (the irony) They are quiet creatures that bond closely with their owners.

Note: only Lightweight and middleweight Boston terriers are HDB approved




with sugar & rusty, (mum-in-law’s doggies)





















Well that’s about it folks. Now if any of you know friends/family members who want to give up their dogs for adoption , please let me know by dropping me mail at


Notice to all potential new dog owners: when buying/adopting a pet. Please do so responsibly and DO NOT buy on impulse.

I actually know a friend who once kept a German Shepard puppy for almost a year before giving him up . It was sad because I knew how much he loved that dog but indeed it was a cruel thing to do from the start knowing that the German shepared could never live there as it grew bigger and also because a dog will never forget his/her very first owner.

Pets are not toys. Please remember that, they are companions and love you wholeheartedly


On a side note: Sorry for the long haitus folks. As some of you might now, I’ve been recovering at home from a severe slipped & herniated disc for my back since I did a small stunt during my acting gig back in April and my condition just seemed to deteriorate day after day to the point that I could not even sit down for more than a moment .

I had to work standing up and when it reached a point that I could not even do that , i was considering surgery.  But thank God, I found a chiropractor who was the only one out of the 8 different doctors I saw to actually give me a non-surgical solution to my disc problems which I will be covering in my next blogpost so stay tuned . 


Thank you for being a faithful reader!

Sincerely yours,

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