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Whats really in my Reebonz bag?


Everyone’s talking about it. Singapore’s celebrating 50 years of independence and omg we’ve come SO FAR as a nation and la dee da deee dah.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m patriotic as shit and love my country and all, the people, the houses we live in,  the lawsuits, and even our outspoken youth. Everything that makes us so stupidly unique reassures me that this is definitely the place where I would be proud to raise my children. Where I can tell my future son/daughter that there’s really,

no place like home 


But jokes aside , SG50 really does mean something, its like celebrating an annoying auntie’s 50th birthday.  Its a grand dinner, everyone talks about it and celebrates. But it  doesn’t change the fact that your prim and proper aunty is annoying as hell with her penny pinching and no nonsense ways, BUT you love her

You love her with all your heart because she was there for you when you were born, when you needed help to take a bus to school she was there and even when you walked home late at night through dark alleyways, she made sure that you’d be safe.  So this SG50 , we honour her 50th glorious birthday:)

Which coincidentally , is just the best time for SHOPPING because face it, every tom dick and harry is having SG50 promotions left right front back center all over town and If you’re going to spend your hard earned money,

you might as well do it in style and spend it smartly:)

Reebonz Marketplace is a global community of the world’s finest independent multi-brand boutiques, pre-owned luxury merchants and vintage dealers all on one platform.

which means that you can shop with peace of mind knowing that the dealers on the reebonz marketplace are professional and have been carefully vetted & certified by the team to make sure that you have an authentic and friendly shopping experience

You also get to enjoy a hassle-free 3-business days return policy where all items are completely insured through the delivery process so you can rest easy while waiting for your parcel!

So I’m so happy that i’ve been given this opportunity to own my very own and very first Bally Terys Messenger Bag (Mens) from the Reebonz Marketplace.

This bag is made for the man with a minimal taste,Its stylish and fuss-free with just enough space for my daily essentials.


I love the soft cool calfskin leather which comprises the entire bag that just screams class with the debossed designer label just sticking out like so everyone knows its branded bag! haha  (Don’t judge me , I repeat, Its my first branded bag)

Measurement: Length 32cm; Height 35cm; Width 2cm; Shoulder Strap Drop at max 62cm

DSC_8342edited 1DSC_8362

reebonz also carries a huge array of branded bags with a decent mixture of brand new and pre-loved bags for both men and women. They also have a new feature called ‘contact boutique’ which allows you to basically negotiable directly with the boutique on the final price of your pre-loved items


today I’m also going to be sharing what I actually carry around on my daily basis  with a sneak peek of


So for all your curious folks wondering If I actually do carry stuff around (cos most men pass their things to their girlfriends/wives to carry right? ) Since its just  ‘one-or-two-things-and-i-don’t-need-a-whole-bag-for-it’

I actually do carry a lot of stuff around and this bag fits all these things perfectly in when I move about 🙂



  • Ted Baker Wallet ,
  • Samsung S5,
  • Xiaomi Powerbank

Travel Accessories:

  • Sudio earphones for days where you just want everyone around you to shut up and let bruno mars do the talking.
  • Chicken soup for the soul, When shit hits the fan in life and you need an soul booster, you can get inspired on the move. I usually carry a book to read on the trains/bus/planes for long journeys since a kid. Its a good habit
  • Nikon D7100, with a 50mm f1.4 Lens to capture all these great pictures when life flashes you with  sudden inspiration light-bulb


  • Oxy-Cover : Paul introduced this to me on the first day we met and I swear this is men’s solution to cover up any pimples/blemishes on your face. It doesn’t just cover up, it heals and doesn’t damage the skin.
  • Cotton on sunglasses: the most affordable and value for money sunnies you can get that look great!  I keep leaving them all over the place losing them cos I tend to be bubble headed but a trusty cotton-on store is never too far away!
  • Lastly, My faithful benjamin barker pocket square from the assembly store  


So I hope that satisfied your curiosity 🙂 but for now, here’s a little gift from me to you!

If you think its time for you to ,like me, own your very first luxury bag or think someone in your family might really like one?

Head over to the reebonz marketplace website , shop your favourite brands and get $50 off by keying in this!

Discount code: SG50  

Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable to all items except pre-owned merchandise 
  • Discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes
  • Minimum $500 purchase is required 
  • Valid till 9th August 2015 


Till next time , stay awesome and stay cool!



P.S any feedback on my mustache? hahaha!