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The groom never lies : Here’s how my wedding went down

Finally after 10 long years of dating since secondary school, Sarah and I finally tied the knot on the 6th of June 2015 at the church where we first met in 2005. If you haven’t already watched the amazing clicknetwork video about it, please do watch it here.

I’m usually quite fast with things but got caught up in the moment of getting work done as well as honeymooning so you can’t blame me for this long overdue post okay?hahaha ūüôā


When we broke the news to our families about us getting married ,they were overjoyed and really excited for us.  We truly have come a long long way together as a BGR relationship (boy-girl relationship: the term our secondary school teachers coined)  to husband and wife.

So first thing’s first, both of us are Catholics and whats more, we actually met and spent most of our childhood in the church of saint vincent de paul so it was a natural choice for us to have our wedding service in that church.

the day began with the our incredible wedding party staying over at our place because it was going to be an early start. We needed to reach church by 8.30am to set up any last minute things as well as rush in a quick bridal photoshoot before the 1030am ceremony and we had to do our hair and make up for 6 bridesmaids and 1 bride.

which meant that the MUAs needed to be here at 5am to start everything off.

Note to all future couples getting married soon:

fuck whatever . Sleep early.

fuck your excitement out the window, CLOSE THOSE DAMN EYES and count stupid sheep because you die die need to sleep early with AT LEAST 8 to 12 hours of shut-eye.

Turn off your handphone and if ANYONE disturbs you during that sleepy time, thats it.

Friendship over. period. 



We decided to do away with the traditional wedding gate crashing because of a couple of reasons. Number one namely being we kinda moved into our new place already so it was pretty pointless of upholding the tradition of punishing the groom when I’ve technically already taken sarah ‘ away from her mother’s house’ kinda thing? ¬†hahahaha! ¬†(Thank God no gatecrashing!)

but also because we didn’t want to go to church all sweaty and smelly in time for mass and we knew that it was gonna be a longggg day

Shortly after starting make up, like a whirlwind, Caline, our wonderful photographer and jamie, our videographer already started snapping photos and video-graphing the process and it hit me really really hard through all that smiling & laughter that

‘ oh shit, things are getting really real, really fast’ .¬†

Caline’s photos are all these beauties and more which you see on this entree. [links and contact info at bottom]

money saving tip : Go to JB , KSL mall to shop for shoes. Believe it or not, this cost only RM65. Sarah’s idealogy: no one can see your shoes anyway if you’re wearing a long gown

Another money saving tip : Transport 

While we are on the topic, here’s another money saving tip for you and to save you guys the time and effort of researching.

because we had a huge wedding party plus photographers, videographers Mua etc, it would be nearly impossible to shove them all into a car convoy. so we hired a 19 seater bus to bring and fetch us around.

after calling friends who knew friends who had contacts of bus rental companies, here’s the cheapest and most reliable one I found so far. Its not a sponsored thing but i’m sharing it cos Its really going to save you time finding one.

Rates: $45/hour (min 4 hour booking)  that is on standby to bring you guys anywhere you want with unlimited trips during that time.

we don’t have any pictures of the clean white bus that came cos we were in THAT much of a rush in the morning.

Bridal Party Photoshoot


Do not be deceived that this will only take a moment or so. If you want nice pictures, you need to invest the time in it.

allocate at least  2 hours of completely undisturbed time for your bridal party to get great shots. We originally wanted to have a bridal photoshoot in some remote place (thats why we got the bus on standby)

but because we over-ran our make up and hair schedule , to play safe we decided to shoot at church ,

which turned out great as well! ūüôā


Having short legs is a disability i swear


Interesting story behind this photo, Sarah whispered to grace (the beautiful bridesmaid next to her) to get everyone’s bouquet in the same line as her so the photo composition will be symmetrical but funnily enough, we just had to play the broken telephone line game.¬†

which probably explains our judge-y expressions in this photo


our bridesmaids got their dresses from popular retail store Le Veou¬†, which specializes in bridesmaid dresses. they also have a huge array of evening gowns and dresses in their friendly store in city plaza. links are below for your convenience! ūüėČ

Shit that can go wrong , will go wrong 


Being the groom, I had a huge responsibility on that day. I needed to constantly remind myself and Sarah that:

No wedding can be perfect. And you need to understand that. Don’t sweat the small stuff cos even the shittiest of things add to a memorable experience.

for example, our caterer gave us the wrong table cloth and to make matters worse, came with an insufficient amount the day before. They eventually delivered it late at night when we were all home, but simply dumped it at the church reception.

this resulted in a mad scramble in the morning to set up the table cloth and decorations in the morning.

My pants had a very slight tear (which I didn’t dare to check till much later) I forgot which finger to put the ring on. The list goes on. So don’t let it affect you in any way and you’ll be fine!

IMG_3594 IMG_3573

Finally, when we reached church, got everything set up and took a step back to admire the beauty of the place. I was just so taken aback.

My heart beat was increasingly deafening and I started perspiring profusely, not just because of the sheer beauty of the place. but because of the fact that I knew

Just how lucky I was to marry Sarah

she could have picked anyone she wanted , but she picked me.

What a time for realization to hit like a neck bending bullet to the head.


I want to give Sarah the very best that I can for the rest of her life.

I will never forget that she exchanged her youth to stick with me when I had/have nothing from the bottom. And when we reach the top , its her I want to reap our rewards with together.

I’m blessed. I know I am my dear:) ¬†and I swear you’ll be everything and anything I ever want or need in my life.

Its amazing. 10 years and I still feel girly writing this.  Even with the ring sitting on my finger right now and I still feel squeamish

had to punch a hole in the wall to feel like a man again

had to punch a hole in the wall to feel like a man again

Our wedding SUPERcars, were courtesy of ultimate drive (links below) and it was a dream just driving Sarah in on one of those supercars. The sound, the vibration of the engine just sent all of us (at least most of the guys) into cardiac arrest.


As much as it could be to some point ¬†‘they see us rollin’ they hatin’ but the message was clear.

Sarah deserves the very best.  No questions asked. No 2 ways about it:)



So by now, if you aren’t excited enough yet about how mind-blowingly beautiful the decor in the church looked like. Here’s a picture of the main church hall before we decorated


flowers there have nothing to do with us, they are the church’s decoration for another occasion btw


We left the creative direction to Heather & Sarah from poppy flora studio [links below]  with the following brief from Sarah(my wife) :

Charles is outgoing and fun loving, and he wanted a legendary-themed wedding because he loved anything different and out of the ordinary, while I’m more reserved and wanted a rustic, romantic and personalised wedding. Our amazing florist, Poppy Flora Studio, managed to mash both themes together and came up with the most unique, AMAZING florals for the church!

Poppy Flora crafted planters of specially-dyed flowers (many of which we’ve never even seen before), two rustic tree branches for a floral arch, and even spray painted some leaves in pastel colours for an extra whimsical feel.

That being said, are ya ready??





IMG_3534 IMG_3730

When Sarah marched down the aisle with her dad. I swear my heart could have exploded there and then into tiny little pieces of smaller cutesy little hearts and start floating around my head.


they lined the aisle with tall delphiniums,  foxtail lilies on planters and even the outdoor areas were nicely decorated up.


It literally took my breath away.

To a guy, flowers are just flowers, pretty plants if you’d put it. But to even think that would be a tremendous insult to the artistic beauty of the church hall’s decor after poppy flora studio decorated it up with their creations.

Note to all future husbands: Just like you never refer to flowers as ‘pretty plants’ to your wife, you also do not ever refer to your wedding as ¬†‘just one big party’ ¬†in any way.¬†

Consider yourself warned




It is normal for your partner to have a ring on!


So apparently I learnt at the altar during the exchange of vows and rings that its common for girls to keep the engagement ring on their finger as you slide in the new wedding band.

I sincerely wish someone had told me this before because I got seriously confused at the altar when i saw that there was already a ring on sarah’s finger!

Because of the sheer anxiety¬†of the day coupled with the fact that I knew that this moment would be immortalized on film, My mind even began to self-doubt to the point of taking a second look at Sarah to be triple sure she’s the correct bride! IMG_3842

So basically, when i saw the engagement ring on sarah’s hand,¬†In that spilt second, many questions filled my mind.

“shucks, she forgot to take out the engagement ring”


“wait, did she? cannot be leh”¬†


” maybe its the wrong hand”¬†


“i’m pretty sure its the right hand, because i remembered it as the right(correct) hand is the right hand from me”

“nevermind, cameras are rolling, just go for the left”¬†


“why is she pushing my hand away?!”¬†


“oh shit….oh shit…’¬†


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A classic rookie groom mistake,

you’re supposed to¬†put the wedding band on the same finger that the engagement ring is on!


IMG_3832    IMG_3829

our priest , rev father Michael Sitaram, picked this up very quickly but decided to make light of the situation , much to everyone’s amusement as I double checked that this is the correct way to do it (a very Singaporean thing to do btw, if unsure, confirm and double confirm again)


and finally, after that hiccup was over


we became husband and wife ūüôā


what a long way we have come indeed:)


Rachel (maid of honour and sarah’s younger sister) & Raphael (best man and my best friend)

Rev father michael had been so so patient and very kind towards us during the preparation stage and even of the day of our wedding, he was the light of our wedding. Fr michael has also seen me grow up in that church where I served as a church lector, a church AVA technician, led a youth ministry, became a catechist (like a bible study teacher for kids to teenagers which all catholics go through before going through a rite of confirmation)  He even was the priest for my first holy communion mass when I was in primary 3 and I even recalled he made a joke about my very short tie.

so thank you for marrying us fr mike. This shout out is for you:)


Out the church we went for our lunch reception as ¬†MR & MRS NG! ūüôā


Display your love openly , and then do it some more IMG_2634

Backstory: Before we moved in officially into our new home, we actually found these pieces of wood from a factory in ubi in the discarded rubbish dump for wooden pallets.

We took it home, took it apart and fixed the planks of wood together and painted it.

It holds so much meaning to us because it was the first project we did together before moving in. It now hangs proudly in our living room ūüôā

so naturally the boys and I performed a short number during our lunch reception

IMG_4197 IMG_4204 IMG_4219

Things were quite hectic at this point because there was just so little time to get everyone together. i felt immensely bad for not being around as much as I thought I could be, to take photos with all our guests or to even sit down and chat with them.

Its funny cos you’re the bride the groom and everyone wants to talk to you at the same time. But here I was worrying about a million and one things to the point that I couldn’t really enjoy myself despite scheduling a 15 minute time slot that absolutely no one disturbs us so that we can eat (cos we really were starving!)



Sepcial thanks to jessica loh, for the amazing desert table. sorry I don’t seem to have enough pictures of it . It doesn’t mean I don’t love you for it, just that i’m forgetful ūüėČ

Be prepared for rude moments.

So apparently, several of our guests including sarah herself informed me that there was someone who came down to our buffet line and started packing food into several huge take-away containers just as our guests started coming down to eat.

Not that I mind anyone taking food, its great to share and there is absolutely no problem even if some random people were to come in and ask if they could join us.

But to blatantly take away food in SEVERAL huge containers is a strict no-no in my books.

Its not that i’m being selfish but I think¬†its basic respect & courtesy to just¬†open your mouth and ask.

The point is, couples , you have to be prepared that someone might do something stupid like that and sadly, you can be angry but you got to find a way to deal with it and keep your cool¬†(refer back to start of the post where I said don’t sweat the small stuff)


at least we were confident that there was more than enough food to go around as we catered way more than our guest list. so there you go!


We had the honour of having CUPPLETS in the house whose beautiful owner, samantha, is my childhood friend  from secondary school. We grew up together in our puberty years hating on each other but eventually shared numerous special memories in the classroom and the many NPCC camps we attended together.

Her gracious personality easily transcends to her work and when she agreed to make our wedding cake. We were overjoyed because cupplets has been filled with back to back orders of people wanting .. a slice of tasty paradise ūüôā Geddit geddit? a slice? #punoftheyear

So we placed her cake right up in front for everyone to admire and indeed it held true to its beautiful presence.

anyway, links are below for you to read if you want to find out more:)

Clicknetwork РThe network that cliques 

It was really heartwarming to have them at our wedding especially when their schedules are all so tied up as it is. I hold all these guys very close to my heart simply because I have deep respect for the work that they do in this demandingly fast paced industry.

The work that they do is constantly open for critique, open judgement and more often than needed, hurtful comments. But they get up every day and do it even better .

Photo from Jemmawei~

Photo from Jemmawei~

sadly, there had been some gossip feedback that I am a changed man because clicknetwork were there and all I cared about was taking photos with them etc etc.

I felt immensely guilty when I heard that but I went home and pondered over it for awhile before wishing that those guys could have just cut me some slack.

After all, it is my wedding day and I did try my best to spend time with each and everyone there. If only we had more time.

It also didn’t help the that cafeteria’s AVA system was not working and we didn’t have music nor a microphone for awhile. And when we eventually got the mic, it started screeching as though someone stepped on a really big cat’s tail.

So I¬†couldn’t even find a window to make a short toast to thank my own family members and all guests for attending.

i scrolled through almost all my pictures and this technically is the only picture I have with clicknetwork for the church wedding and its not even my picture.

Everything I am right now would not have been possible without them. Clicknetwork is really a family to me and one that makes me feel so welcomed so fast. I’m thankful that you guys got my back and i’m not shy to say that everything I am right now is because you all believed in me:)

In a nutshell 

our church wedding as awesome because all the people that we love were present in that church. but don’t take my word for it. ¬†Let this video by just married films speak for itself

[wpvideo f1AUUHtL]

IMG_4145 IMG_4160

Our families are everything to us. We spend the first learning years of our life learning everything we can from them , the next growing years shunning them out of some strange social embarrassment and then finally for the rest of our lives desperately clinging on to every moment we can get with them till the sky is dark and the night says that its time to go home. 



We packed up and headed for a very short rest at home. by the time we left, it started raining cats and dogs. but we were truly shagged out.

we just went home , sat around. hardly spoke cos we really had very little energy left. note to self, weddings are extremely draining and you need all the rest you can get.

and after a little rest, off we went for :



Our Intimate Wedding Dinner at Changi Cove 


set for only 80 guests, our families and a handful of close friends were present that night to share in our joy.

sarah picked this location and fell in love with it at first sight because of the high ceilings and the wide open pillar-less space and a full length glass window

IMG_4307 IMG_4306

it was truly a sight to behold when we first entered the room.

Special little details make it all that special 

so for fringe activities before the dinner actually started, we decided to have something really awesome! We chose to go with a slow motion photo booth! [SG MEDIA]  you can click on this link if you want to find out more about what these guys do.

We decided to take a step away from the conventional photobooth with instant print outs and take it a notch higher by making everything slow-mo. Its pretty damn awesome so check it out over here! ūüôā

[vimeo 130055655 w=500 h=281]


Plus the background serves as some pretty slick backdrop for some shots as well ūüôā

IMG_4396 IMG_4389

We also had a little  easel set up with a blank canvas and paint brushes so that our guests could just randomly paint a brush stroke or 2 for us so that we could hang that painting up in our home so that we can remember that this was painted on our wedding night.


In our head, this was what we thought it might look like.

But what we got at the end of the day was :


not that its ugly, I find it quite… charming. hahahahahah! it is a little hard to believe that it is painted on by full grown adults though. ¬†hahahahaha! just looking at it cracks me up to no end.

so you decide if that’s a good idea to have at your wedding . lol for the last time now.

Feedback cards 

we had this little card that we left on every seat and the responses that we got from our guests were hilarious !  It was all good fun to read through. I wish I could share them all with you but for now


FYI, she’s only 11 years old! 11 years old and she already knows that women always win. I weep for all mankind haha ūüôā

vanessa b

Quote of the year : Keep the fights clean & the sex dirty” sound advice V, sound advice ūüôā

mrs and mrs tan

this one, i’m confirm framing up in my house. and the writers of this card know exactly why

we also gave our guests confetti cannons which are rather huge (so be careful not to put them near tables with kids) to detonate as we marched in for dinner:)




and this time, holy hell yes.

I WAS FINALLY GOING TO EAT. that emotion is so so so real.


Soon after ,our maid of honour rachel. and best man , raphael made their toast to us .

I’m always jolly and happy about everything but ¬†to hear someone speak good things and to wish you well, not just anyone but when the best person of your lives say it. It strikes a chord in the heart.


IMG_4448 IMG_4411 IMG_4475

I’ll always remember the things you both said.

There is a reason why God brought you both into our lives and we intend to keep it that way for as long as we both shall live .

Thank you Raphael and Rachel.


IMG_4571 IMG_4591 IMG_4610 IMG_4642

Paul’s always pointing at me and laughing about something. I don’t know what it was but I guess i’ll never find out lol

All in all , it was a very laid back dinner with our family and close friends so I won’t elaborate too much of what happened except for the part caught on camera where I passed out after drinking a dangerous concoction made by THIS MAN


ACE CHUA. ¬† As you can tell, i’m almost gone at this point.

which from the clicknetwork video, you can see the dangerous results of drinking dangerous drinks at the end.

It also resulted in a lot of weird faces when taking family photos.

so remember to keep the drinking till AFTER group shots are taken if not you’d end up like:

IMG_4673 IMG_4699 IMG_4676 IMG_4671 IMG_4724

and you also tend to do some pretty stupid things. which you WILL regret in the morning.


A real bro lets you pull their belts and still  live to tell the tale

but aside from all that tomfoolery, It was a night to remember.

Now begins the next chapter of our lives as husband and wife. Its a new adventure.


Guests might have been wondering why was there an empty seat on the front vip table for our wedding dinner. What family member doesn’t show up for the wedding right? Truth is: that seat belongs to my late father whom just passed away not too long ago. I remember he was overjoyed when I told him the news.

Dad, i miss you tremendously day after passing day and everytime I think of all the occasions when I could have spent time with you but I didn’t, it eats me up inside. On our wedding day, our silent tribute to you is knowing that you are there in spirit with us always until the end of time.¬†



So take my hand and let’s go on it together.

To you dear friend reading this, thank you for being part of this amazing journey.

 This toast is for youIMG_4469


I would like to thank the following people and companies for making everything beautiful and everything memorable happen.

1) Caling Ng Photography (Photography-duh!)

What was important for us was how easily caline managed to weasel her way in our hearts, she was very patient and very sharp yet quick to guide us into our poses and what not to do ūüôā ¬†Caline shot our pre-wedding photos as well as our actual day but don’t let my words sway you to any direction towards caline, ¬†I’m strongly confident her pictures will do the speaking for itself:)



if you wanna view the full set of photos from caline you can do so here

T: +65 90626147


2) Just Married Films  (Videography) 


Thank you jamie, for everything from helping to be so comfortable in front of the camera. what drew us to you was how sincere all your videos are. It is a true reflection of your talent and your capabilities and it shows like a true light through the videos you produce. Thank you jamie!

Check out the amazing wedding highlight reel here! ūüôā

Jamie: 9776 3321


3) Poppy Flora Studio (All floral Decorations)

Sarah & Heather are truly masters of the craft. what amazes me is not just their talent and eye for taking things out of nowhere and turning them into true works of art, but how they truly feel very passionately about the work that they do. ¬†It’s a rare sight to see people work like them, they handle floral arrangements like a drug . like poppy¬†(wink!)

I trusted their taste and did not regret it for a single second because not only did they make our wedding legendary, they made it so memorable and so enviable that we (as well as our friends) who grew up in the church of saint Vincent de paul , found it difficult to recognize the place .

they handled every aspect of the florals for our church wedding including the decorations on the supercar to our bridal party bouquets and groomsmen and my boutonniere.



Thank you Sarah & Heather from poppy flora studio, ¬†you guys did so well for us till the point that our wedding got featured in the wedding scoop as well as honeybrides! ūüôā

contact them for a friendly chat at! :

Poppy Flora Studio

311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-05 Singapore 798484

Main Line/Fax: +65 6225 8496

4) Ultimate Drive (Wedding Supercars)

Ultimately (love the pun here btw) , this might have the most ultimate wedding car ever.  Thank you for making our wedding so premium and so luxurious with the presentation of the Ferrari F430 F1 Spider and the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder as our wedding convoy supercars!

having the super cars there at our wedding was like a dream come true:)  Our guests loved it and spared no time in getting photos taken with the amazing supercars which costs about 1 million each here in Singapore.


IMG_3608 IMG_3605 IMG_3606 IMG_3607

IMG_3455 IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3609

If you want to grab a ride on one of these supercars for  yourself or as a gift for a loved ones and experience driving them down our local roads or even at your wedding/function, you can contact them at any one of their 2 central outlets


Marina Bay Sands
1 Bayfront Avenue
#01-03 Hotel Tower 3 (VIP)
Singapore 018971. Tel +65 6688 7997

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue
#01-06D Singapore Flyer
Singapore 039803 . Tel +65 6333 0817

5) CUPPLETS (Wedding Cake) 

Our Tasty wedding cake was made by none other than the reputable bakery cum cafe that is well-loved and well-known to all lovers of good tasty deserts that’s infused with rustic charm throughout. ¬†CUPPLETS! ūüôā

cupplets specializes in desert tables,

It wasn’t just a gastronomical treat for the taste buds but also visual flirting for the eyes when the cake was fully set up.

IMG_4183 IMG_4176


Victorian garden themed wedding cake



Cupplets also customizes cakes, desserts & dessert table styling and has a rare talent of infusing drop dead floral arrangements with their uniquely tasty creations.  Below are just some of the many amazing creations from them!



Our guests loved it and if you wanna order one just like that, you can visit their website (click on the link above) or you can drop them an email at:

6)¬†Amour Bridal Boutique Singapore¬†(Sarah’s Wedding Dress)

Nestled conveniently in central Singapore at orchard plaza with a humble store with a huge selection of wedding and evening gowns both available for rent as well as for sale. They also do dress customization for that extra special touch.

Their mission is to provide beautiful gowns for happy brides and indeed that was the case because they were really patient with Sarah as she picked out her dress and took the time to advise us what they thought would best suit her.

Also the price point is reasonably inexpensive and definitely worth consideration if you’re looking for something unique that is affordable! ūüôā



Make an appointment with them today at :

Orchard Plaza #03-06, 150 Orchard Road

tel: 8111 7570

7) Hachi Square (Customized signs) 

These good guys are the reason for everything special and unique at our wedding because they basically customized all the signage and quirky little details that make every occasion that extra touch of special:)


acrylic customized bride and groom signage


name engraving onto our hangers for all of us!

name engraving onto our hangers for all of us!

Give them a ring at 6274 4412 if you want to find out more about the customized signs for your next occasion:)

8) Le Veou official (Bridesmaid Dresses)

Thank you for making our already gorgeous bridesmaids even more beautiful through the extensive selection of bridesmaid dresses available at your store.

whats more special about this whole experience is that i’ve made such a new and good friend, trina , who’s cheerful disposition and love for ‘the simpsons’ made us quick buddies with a very bright future:)

i’m sure that you’d be able to find something amazing in her store, not just for bridesmaid dresses but also something to smile about on the way home.

IMG_3291 IMG_3322 IMG_3310IMG_3307

needless to say, the photos speak for itself:)

pssst : There’s a pretty sweet discount plan¬†available¬†if you buy in bulk!

you can find them at:

810 Geylang Road City Plaza #01-110

tel: 6747 7478

Trina: 9228 8148 (whatsapp/call/sms)  

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful sister, Trudy Ng.
Who’s both hardworking talent shows through her work. I mistakenly missed her name during my very very long thank you toast and I sincerely felt terrible about it.
She did so much for our decoration for our intimate night celebration dinner at changi cove and it turned out to be so majestic. Check out the pictures below to get my drift


Trudy holds a regular office job and its hard to believe that she put all this together by herself.

Truds, I just want you to know how much i appreciate you and your help for our wedding and how i’m thankful you’re mahh sista! ūüôā

Trudy(Charles’s sister)

Decorations for night : +65 9835 6234

With that in mind folks,

Thank you so much for bearing with me through this immensely long post. Will be publishing most of the photos on my facebook page but in the meantime, stay cool and enjoy the rest of the pictures ¬†ūüôā

IMG_4081 IMG_3959 IMG_3958 IMG_4045

IMG_3818IMG_3817IMG_3863IMG_3816IMG_3869 IMG_3876IMG_4152IMG_4306       IMG_4209 IMG_4592   IMG_4648         IMG_4330

Stay cool and stay faithful !:)